For the Love of Wisdom

What is Philosophy: a brief description of what philosophy is, why is it important, and why it is too often ignored.
Philosophy Summaries: Several dozen overviews of various topics and texts in philosophy. You can find even more at my Youtube channel
Dr. Pettit’s Philosophy: My philosophical reflections on selected areas in philosophy, including links to papers.
Lessons for Life: One minute LFLS – brief themes on how to live wisely and have success in life. Three minute LFLs – the same, but often more theoretical than directly practical.
Who am I?: Includes an introduction and a CV.
New to philosophy? See What is Philosophy? and Foundational Philosophical Topics under the tab “Philosophy Summaries.”
NOTE: Much of the content on this site is aimed at those who have little to no background in philosophy but are curious, those who took a few courses but wanted to learn more, those who majored in philosophy and want some review or want to explore areas where they never had a chance to spend much time, or those who are simply seeking some wisdom. Grad students and philosophers without specializations in the areas of interest may also find the short summaries helpful. Published and presented papers are also included for those who want to go deeper.